An Open Letter To MY Parents.

Affected is the one who’s here with no intention, and that is a child who is brought up in the world with the pre planning and pure intentions, but you know what? if you are blessed enough to give birth to a baby, then it’s entirely your responsibility to be their best guide and guardian, a child will never follow your advice or instruction, he will always follow your path so don’t you think you should lead by an example?

The Odds Of Growing Up With You Guys:

When I was young, I held your arms to walk, I peeped in your minds to gain knowledge, I followed your actions and made them my gestures, I saw the world with your eyes and I believed what you said was the truth. When I grew up a little, I thought the world has started to be a bit different but I still believed what you taught was correct because you were the only ones I trusted with all my heart and you will never turn into a disappointment.

When I needed you in bad times, you were always there as my guide and a leader. Then one day I heard you guys fighting with each other, those raised voices, those unbelievable expressions made me feel like a stranger in your home. I felt a bit strange and went back into my shell as that’s only what I can do, this was nothing you ever taught me, you never trained me to fight with you or with the world, but when I saw you doing that I was afraid that things are changing and the world is not as I was shown. It was a complete manipulation of a bad world so that I would be saved from evil, but you know what you have done? You have managed to turn me into a complete malicious human that you never wanted me to be and were always afraid of.

Today, when I look back and see the things around and think, was that real or was that just for the sake of being in touch with each other? Were those voices raised up because you guys never wanted to set your ways apart and needed a reason to be together? And the answers are totally outrageous; I have a complete otherworldly mindset now. I see the world as an unjustified, immortal and a rotten piece of land, where survival is just temporary and death is final. I have no wishes left to buy dolls and stuff toys because I know those were only to distract me from the real world.

But hey, congratulations dad, your raised voices are now my worst echoes in dreams and mom your silence is now my weakness because that is what I am grown up with, the reality is so dark that I wish I could go back to sleep and never wake up because reality is harsh than dreams and the real monsters are “we”.


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