Parental Pressure Kills Creativity and Self-Esteem in Children


The straightforward answer to this statement is yes. Parents rear not only their children, but also expectations from them. The benchmark of expectations keeps on increasing each year. Under paternal pressure, the children slog hard to meet ever-increasing expectations. Moreover, they don’t get a chance to express their views on their expectations. On the contrary, they work in the direction shown by their parents due to the societal pressure. This often destroys whatever remnants of creativity retained in them.

Parental Pressure on Children

Children become the race horses at the hands of their parents. Most often, the parents bet on their wards’ future at their workplace with their peers. In order to keep the word, parents scold or even beat the children at home, citing the peers who are doing well in their studies. When we compare, the children come under pressure to try hard to get nice marks. This backfires sometimes when children fail to cope up with pressure in their academics. In this aspect, both parents and the teachers are the culprits. There have been reports of suicides and suicide attempts on the eve of annual examination every year. The strong-willed children come successfully out of these trying times and score good marks. On the other hand, not so strong children succumb to the pressure and fare badly in the examinations. Most often, these children fail to recollect whatever they have studied due to the mental tension, not because they are bad at studies. The parents don’t want to gauge their wards based on their abilities as they become totally involved in competitions with the neighbours and peers at the workplace. Due to this reason, most often children don’t get a chance to showcase their inherent talents.

Way Forward

Every person has innate qualities. The parents can rear and guide these abilities for the better future of their wards. The parents should find out what their wards are good at by sitting and interacting with them. The wishes of parents should give way to the aspirations of the children. Son of an engineer need not become another engineer. He could even become a writer. This should go into the minds of the parents. If parents take up this approach, the talents of the children could be identified early in life and properly reared to make them creative people. Otherwise, the children become too timid and more dependent on their parents. In the formative stage itself the children should get the freedom to think independently. It cannot come in a day or two. It develops slowly under the parental supervision. The children would become fearless and independent if the parents give them the breathing space to prosper.

Children quite often become causalities of the over ambitions or over expectations of their parents. Parents compete with peers in workplace and neighbors on the expectations, forcing the children to work hard. This often takes a toll on their lives.


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